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PRICE: N25,000

The W26 Smart Watch, a great and affordable smartwatch designed for your active life, lands on PowerPlanet. Forget about old watches that only give you the time! Without a doubt, the W26 smartwatch has been developed with the aim of satisfying all sports fans, but also fashion enthusiasts. So… if you want to look great as well as having a record of all your sporting achievements, the W26 Smart Watch is made for you. Are you going to miss it? We give you all the details here.

Key Functions

  • Information and alert about calls, messages and notifications
  • 24/7 heart rate sensor
  • Electrocardiograms
  • Blood pressure
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Multi-sport mode
  • Alarm / alarm clock
  • Calorie counter
  • Step and distance counter
  • Music remote control (connected to the BT of the smartphone)
  • Making and answering calls (connected to the BT of the smartphone)
  • Data collection
1.75″ screen with HD resolution and 2.5D glass
Notice how exquisitely all the elements of the W26 Smart Watch blend together… This 2.5D effect on its screen gives it a premium look, with a feeling that it never ends thanks to the rounded edges.

A powerful 1.75″ full-colour IPS panel, with 385 x 320 pixel resolution, 80% colour saturation and 1500:1 contrast ratio, is also protected under the sinuous glass. This will allow us to see all the information in perfect quality.

Make and answer calls
You won’t need your smartphone to read your notifications and messages, check your training data, set a countdown… But that’s not all. The W26 Smart Watch has a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can answer your smartphone’s incoming calls from your watch, and even dial the number yourself – all very convenient!

Attractive design with rectangular case
It doesn’t matter if you want your new watch to show off your perfect look or to workout. The W26 Smart Watch  will let you do both. It features a design that is quite similar to the Amazfit GTS or the Apple Watch, with a rectangular body made of a metal and polycarbonate alloy, resulting in a lightweight yet durable smartwatch.
In this case we have also included a physical button on the side, with which we can lock and unlock the screen comfortably.

Interchangeable silicone strap
Moreover, its hypoallergenic silicone strap makes it the perfect watch to wear every day, both for comfort and appearance. However, you can replace its 42 mm strap to adapt it to different situations. In our catalogue you will find a wide variety of compatible bracelets and accessories, as well as in the related articles of this product.

Control your heart with 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor and Electrocardiogram
But what’s really important goes on the inside. The W26 Smart Watch provides continuous, dynamic heart rate measurement, whether you’re resting or playing sports. It also monitors and evaluates your heart’s health using ECG technology and is capable of performing electrocardiograms. In this way, we will obtain a complete reference of our state of health to optimise our training, although we should never take it as a medical diagnosis.

Steps, distance and calories with 10 sport modes
After all, with the W26 Smart Watch it will be like wearing your personal trainer on your wrist. Because, in addition to your health, you’ll be able to control all your daily activity. The W26 watch counts your steps, distance covered and calories burned, adapting these measurements to the activity you’re doing at any given time thanks to 10 sports modes, including: walking, running, hiking, cycling, table tennis, badminton, basketball, skipping rope, football and yoga.

Sleep analysis and alert
Sleeping well is as important to our physical and mental health as eating a healthy diet or exercising daily. And W26 Smart Watch knows that well… So, put on your pajamas, your W26 Smart Watch and go to sleep. This smartwatch analyses your sleeping patterns and tells you the total hours you’ve slept, the hours you’ve been in light sleep, the hours you’ve been in deep sleep and the hours you’ve been awake. In addition, you can set an alarm to wake you up with a gentle vibration.

Sedentary reminder
A too sedentary life is not good for your physical condition either, so the W26 Smart Watch will alert you when you have been inactive for too long.

IP68 water resistance
Is swimming your passion? Canoeing? Water polo? Then don’t leave your W26 at home, as it is IP68 certified. This means that your W26 Smart watch is resistant to sweat and rain, and you can even wash your hands or take a shower with it on. Don’t worry about anything, just go about your daily business.

Create goals and statistics
We’ve already told you about some of the advantages of syncing your W26 Smart Watch with your smartphone, but you don’t know everything yet. With the WiiWatch2 APP, you can transfer all the data to the mobile application so you can find out how your routine is progressing. Generate statistics and set yourself goals to feel the motivation in all your muscles. In addition, you can remotely control your smartphone’s music playback.

Start taking care of your health with this great smartwatch

I feel this smart watch is so good. Here's why: 1. More features - has timer, alarm, meditation and more. 2. User interface is easier to navigate - my other smart watch couldn't go back and forth on the screen 3. A lot of features can be turned on or off 4. Battery meter is visible so I know when to charge it - old one would say low battery while I'm at work, then it's too late to go home and charge. 5. It feels lighter 6. and IP68 - I shower with it and it's fine 7. Oh! and the charging port is magnetic! so it won't move or lose connection which my other one didn't have  


I previously purchased another sports watch that was from another company but the heart rate monitor was not accurate at all and if we are being honest it wasn’t even close. I was skeptical even for this watch even after all the great reviews because with the monitor technology and a bottom dollar budget it is difficult to get accurate numbers. I have had the watch for a week now and it is spot on. The treadmill said my heart rate was 148 and the watch said 146. I am very pleased on top of the different sports options you can choose from. My previous watch didn’t have the option for stationary cycling. I also love being able to receive text messages and emails. My only con is when you receive a text message it comes in a weird calculator type font and the letters are broken up. Instead of the word showing up in the next sentence it will show up like thi s. Weird, yeah I know. Besides that the watch is phenomenal. Oh almost forgot to mention the outstanding battery life that seems to never die and the watch band feels invisible on your wrist. If you are looking for a smart watch and not trying to pay Apple prices, I would recommend this.


I love this smart watch! I have never been a fan of watches due to my unusually small wrists. However, this smart watch band is just the right size keeping me from feeling awkward while wearing it. My favorite features are getting alerts for texts and Facebook messages on my wrist. I also love that I can set timers to go off. The watch will buzz and vibrate when timer goes off. I also love the look of the watch. I have had many ask me if it is an Apple Watch or Fitbit. Personally I think it looks a lot like the Fitbit Versa. I am looking forward to some different bands! As long as the gorilla glass screen stays scratch free, I plan on wearing this everyday for the foreseeable future.


Its so amazing that it has lot of cool features like tracking walking steps, calories burnt and sleeping time. Looks so stylish! Definitely recommend this!


Had the watch for just over three weeks now and really happy with it. First of all, it is a indeed 100% waterproof, and fit for swimming, both me and my husband have used this at our swimming sessions with zero issues. The battery life is also rather impressive, as it holds about a week in between being charged, admittedly though, it is not always connected to phone via Bluetooth. Another plus is the accuracy of counting steps, I have compared against the counter on my phone and another device I used for this purpose and it is indeed very accurate 👍 I would have maybe liked the option to have an "always on display" option to show the time, as the screen goes off after certain time of inactivity, i love it


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